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Develop Your Leadership Skills.

Learn more about Israeli Salad and the change we are trying to bring to the Israeli society

Read about this unique program and make your summer a significant one

Apply here. It only takes a minute. So, what are you waiting for?

It is going to be an exciting summer, make sure you don't miss it

A leadership program for teenagers from different segments of the Israeli society to develop ambassadors of democracy, equality, tolerance and friendship across tribal lines.

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Israeli salad is for young leaders!

We are looking for young leaders for our program that will represent all the ‘tribes’ of the Israeli society. Ninth graders from the northern region, Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians, Bedouins and Druze, religious and secular, members of the Ethiopian and Russian communities, girls and boys, all invited!

We're looking for highly motivated teens, excellent students, diligent and ambitious, ambassadors of good behavior who want to change the world...

So, Are you the right candidate?

    1. Ambition and Diligence

Are you ambitious and diligent? High aiming? Are you ready to work hard in order to achieve your goal? Are a high motivated student? Do you enjoy the process of learning a new skill? A new idea? 


    2. Engagement, Entrepreneurship & Activism

Do you care about your surroundings? Do you have social and political awareness? Did you ever ask yourself, How Can I make a difference? Are you affiliated with any social, political club or  youth group? 


    3. Social Skills and Assertiveness

Do you enjoy being around your peers? Do you have the ability to listen? Do you know how to convince? How do you act in a conflict?


    4. Teamwork

Do you know how to work in a team? Can you Play your voice and listen to others? Are you able to study and work in a group? Do you know how to criticize and learn from it? Do you know how to make constructive criticism?


    5. Time Management  

Are you managing your time wisely? Can you manage to combine school, friends, after school activities and and family, successfully?


    6. Creativity

Do you think outside the box?

    7. Execution
Do you know how to initiate ? to execute  your ideas Do you how to use your resources? Can you create a framework for your plans?


If you answered "YES" to at least some of the questions... give it a try and apply now

Are you a leader?

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